New Empire of the Pacific

In regard to the conversation that was generated after my mid-review, specifically the questioning of what types of program does ‘nowhere’ generate? It became clear that the program I was suggesting in the later phasing, such as Cruise Ship Terminal or Tax Haven, become much more interesting in that they are programs that get around the rootedness of society. In addition they is an opportunity to create overlapping narrative stories, where migrate bird patterns meet prison or cruise terminal, a new juxtaposition of ecologies.

Another question asked during my mid-review was, is this somewhere or is this nowhere? The response to that is that it is not about it being nowhere, but it is the invisibility that makes it appear like it does not exist, but it does exist and there is a physicality to it. Which is why the tax haven is so interesting, because there is a physicality to it, but for taxation reasons it does not exist. This describes this strange relationship between something that is some specific place but under certain types of conditions it is actually nowhere. The new programs that I am interested in encompasses these invisible entities, such as tax haven, casino, or cruise terminals.

After exploring a few Cabinet Journal, I discovered a article written by Keller Easterling, The Confetti Of Empire, in which she speaks of these aberrant programs. Below are a few quotes that I find particular interest in, as well as providing influence as I move forward:

“Refugees, the human waste of the global frontier-land, are the “outsiders incarnate,” the absolute outsiders, outsiders everywhere and out of place everywhere except in the places that are themselves out of place – the “nowhere places” that appear on no maps used by ordinary humans on their travels. Once outside, indefinitely outside, a secure fence with watching towers is the only contraption needed to make the “indefiniteness” of the out-of-place hold forever”  Zygmunt Bauman

“the real sea also sloshes up against gigantic new incarnations of the global city…most are offshore political quarantine, free from union, strikes, taxes, and laws, free to leverage advantages in the differential values of labor and currency.”

“however immune to such administrative strictures, many of these conurbations land is in the crosshairs of territorial conflict….the sea and its island are not smooth and frictionless, but slushy and hard” 

“Islands are the world’s fabled storage places for cultural exceptions and secrets…harboring alternative or multiple realities or the ingredients of culture that fall outside permissible boundaries, they are exempt for the laws that govern behavior of the continent” 


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